Echoborg Goes Ethical

We have been developing I am Echoborg since 2016. Now in 2022 we have received funding to transition the show into one that explicitly explores the unforeseen consequences of allowing AIs to make decisions on our behalf.

Continuing our experimental methodology of building and testing, we'd like it to become a tool for planners, designers and implementers of AI systems to explore potential ethical problems. We are particularly interested in reflecting the unheard voices of groups and individuals who are affected by AI but under-represented in their design.

We are funded with Trailblazer funding from Bristol and Bath Creative R&D and Digital Cultures Research Centre. We are working with Dr. Patrick Crogan, Associate Professor of Digital Cultures and Dr. Matthew Studley, Wallscourt Associate Professor in Technology Ethics, both from the University of the West pf England, Bristol.

We are building a prototype of the new show. We'll modify the event and the software and run some shows for these two groups; the makers and those affected by AI systems. This experimental approach will inform a larger funding bid.

I am Echoborg at FOST - photo by Eliza Hoyland

I am Echoborg at FOST 2018 - photo by Eliza Hoyland

I am Echoborg at FOST - photo by Eliza Hoyland DCRC logo

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